Theo Sanders

This site is of interest for daffodil enthusiasts and especially hybridizers. I cross in most cases standard daffodils with different species from Spain and can give some information on results and methods. First you can look at the following text: Pollen Volume and Chromosome Content of Daffodils - Possibilities for hybridizing 2 (January 2013).  Some new results you find in 'Pollen Volume and Chromosome Content of Daffodils - Possibilities for hybridizing 3 (January 2014)'. In a third ( small pictures and text) and fourth document (big pictures without text) you get information on 'Crosses of Standard Daffodils with Species'. The article 'Hybrids of different narcissus species can be fertile by generating unreduced pollen' describes how to use these hybrids to breed exceptional daffodils. The paper 'The generation of fertile allotetraploid hybrids of narcissus species by chromosome doubling' from June 2015 pictures how to get tetraploids from diploid species hybrids and species by an Oryzalin treatment and gives suggestions for crosses. In 'Narcissus cyclamineus crosses and their fertility' from February 2016 it is explained how to combine Narcissus cyclamineus with other species and varieties and what crosses are fertile. Two further items are 'Some crosses with diploid tazettas and their fertility (June 2016)' and 'Crosses of tetraploid species with each other or with tetraploid standard daffodils (February 2017)'. In 'The inheritance of the red and pink colour, the fertility of triploids, and the self-incompatibility of daffodils - remarks to (1) (December 2017)' some important conclusions of the article 'P. Brandham. The inheritance of recessive and dominant mutations in daffodil cultivars. Daffodil, Snowdrop and Tulip Yearbook 2017. 26-32' are discussed. Continuing essays are: Frost resistance of narcissus (August 2018), Narcissus x barrae and Narcissus grandae (November 2019), Chromosome doubling of Narcissus varieties and species (December 2019) and The fertility of NNNX daffodil varieties (January 2020). The presentation at the '2021 Virtual National Convention' describes 'Some of my daffodil crosses and hybridizing goals'.